Why You Get Leg Cramps Throughout Being pregnant

Once I was pregnant with my first daughter and interested by what labor would really feel like, a good friend in contrast labor contractions to a leg cramp or charley horse. I knew what she was speaking about as a result of I had been getting leg cramps throughout being pregnant almost each night time in my third trimester. Certainly one of my calves would tighten, cramp, attain a peak, and slowly subside. After having now skilled labor, I’d agree with the comparability. Perhaps girls get leg cramps throughout being pregnant to assist us put together and address the ache of labor!

In all seriousness, there are numerous theories on why girls get leg cramps throughout being pregnant. Whereas frequent and innocent, they are often disruptive, annoying, and painful. If you’re experiencing leg cramps throughout being pregnant, chances are you’ll be questioning why it’s taking place and what you are able to do about it.

What’s a Leg Cramp?

A leg cramp is a sudden, painful contraction or tightening of a skeletal muscle that occurs with out you deliberately attempting to tighten or transfer it. Throughout the cramp, the muscle could really feel like it’s bulging or very arduous to the contact.1

Sometimes leg cramps occur within the calves, however they will additionally happen within the hamstrings or quadriceps of the thighs. Most frequently, these leg cramps of being pregnant happen at night time.1,2

Whereas leg cramps throughout being pregnant are usually non-threatening, they’re painful and inconvenient. Poor sleep can have an effect on your high quality of life and should contribute to extra prolonged labor and the next threat of C-section.3

How Frequent Are Leg Cramps Throughout Being pregnant?

Someplace between 30 and 50 % of girls report experiencing leg cramps throughout being pregnant. They’re extra frequent within the second and third trimesters.2,4

What Causes Leg Cramps Throughout Being pregnant?

Being pregnant causes many modifications within the physique that may put extra calls for in your physique and contribute to the causes of leg cramps. Some contributing components for leg cramps throughout being pregnant embrace:


Carrying across the additional weight of being pregnant can enhance the pressure in your leg muscle tissue and trigger cramping at night time. Additionally, for those who do strenuous train throughout being pregnant, significantly with out stretching earlier than and after, your leg muscle tissue can cramp from overuse.2


Your fluid calls for enhance when pregnant to keep up your blood quantity, construct the placenta, and fill the amniotic sac with fluid. If you’re not maintaining along with your water wants, this will dehydrate you and contribute to leg cramps throughout being pregnant.5

Stress From the Child

Your rising child and uterus can stress blood vessels and nerves that result in your legs. This may trigger leg cramps in being pregnant, primarily as a result of nerves usually trigger leg cramps, not the muscle itself.4,6

Low Magnesium

Magnesium performs an important position in muscle operate. In comparison with non-pregnant girls, pregnant girls are sometimes magnesium poor, which is considered why being pregnant appears to trigger leg cramps.4

The way to Forestall Leg Cramps Throughout Being pregnant

Chances are you’ll forestall future leg cramps throughout being pregnant by addressing the trigger. To scale back the possibility of experiencing leg cramps, you possibly can strive the next:


Stretching earlier than and after train and different instances all through the day will help forestall leg cramps throughout being pregnant. Any place that brings your toes towards your shin will assist to stretch the calf muscle. This may occasionally assist relieve nerve or blood vessel compression touring to your legs, contributing to leg cramps.6

Compression Socks

Sporting compression socks all through the day and whilst you sleep will help preserve sufficient blood circulate in your legs, which can forestall leg cramps.6


Since dehydration can contribute to leg cramps, make sure you drink sufficient water all through the day. Your water consumption necessities could have elevated from pre-pregnancy. The American Being pregnant Affiliation recommends consuming a minimum of eight to 12 cups of water every day whereas pregnant.5

Weight loss program and Supplementation

Guarantee you might be consuming sufficient magnesium, calcium, and potassium throughout being pregnant, as these minerals play an essential position in hydration and muscle operate. Fruits, greens, beans, and dairy are glorious sources of those vitamins.1,6,7

In the event you can not get sufficient of those vitamins by means of weight loss program alone, speak to your supplier earlier than introducing dietary supplements into your routine. They might have uncomfortable side effects or work together with different medicines chances are you’ll be taking.

Remedy of Leg Cramps Throughout Being pregnant

Leg cramps may be excruciating, however luckily, their period is often brief. Typically the most effective factor you are able to do is journey out the ache, but when the cramp lasts for a extra prolonged interval, there are some issues you possibly can attempt to relieve it.2,6


Simply as stretching will help to stop leg cramps, it will probably additionally assist to alleviate them. As quickly as you are feeling a cramp approaching, attempt to flex your leg. This would possibly assist forestall the cramp from reaching a peak, lowering the severity and period of the ache.

Therapeutic massage

If the cramp in your leg persists, gently therapeutic massage the muscle to get it to launch or ask somebody to help you.


Warmth encourages muscle tissue to loosen and promotes rest. In case your leg cramp doesn’t subside, apply a warm compress or take a heat bathtub.

When to Contact Your Physician

If you’re experiencing a leg cramp that won’t go away or discover redness or swelling in your legs alongside along with your leg cramps, this might point out a blood clot. Contact your supplier instantly for an analysis to rule out one thing extra critical.2

Even if you’re not suspicious that your leg cramps are something vital, they’re price mentioning at your subsequent prenatal go to. Your physician could possibly make suggestions or verify your blood for vitamin and mineral deficiencies contributing to your signs.

Between continually having to pee in the course of the night time and discovering it inconceivable to discover a snug sleeping position, the very last thing a pregnant lady wants is another factor making it tough to sleep! Sadly, leg cramps usually strike at night time, waking you up and additional disturbing your sleep. Though they’re usually not indicative of something extra critical, they’re irritating. Realizing what they’re, why they occur, and how to prevent and deal with them will help you keep away from them or a minimum of be ready after they strike.

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