21 Greek Goddess Names of Energy, Magnificence and Nature

Have you ever thought-about turning to Greek mythology for inspiration when pondering of child names? Countless goddess names could possibly be good in your new little princess. After all, you may need to analysis earlier than choosing one as a result of some sound stunning, however the again story is questionable — like Lyssa, the goddess of rage. Or Eris, the goddess of strife and discord. However don’t fear, if selecting a Greek goddess identify is your mission, we’ve a listing of selections with good vibes and optimistic traits you’d need your baby to embody.

4 Greek Goddess Names That Imply Management, Energy, and Power

Dad and mom usually envision brilliant futures stuffed with success for his or her youngsters, and people ambitions lead them to decide on names related to energy and power. Listed below are 4 Greek goddess names that match completely for a future queen who will conquer the world.

1. Athena

Athena is the goddess of knowledge, poetry, artwork, and battle. Because the daughter and favourite baby of Zeus, Athena had nice energy and affect and is understood for her braveness in battle. She grew to become the goddess of excellent counsel, prudent restraint and sensible perception, and battle, making Athena the proper identify for a child lady who would develop as much as be a pacesetter.1

2. Hera

Mentioned to be the “Queen of the Gods,” Hera can also be the goddess of marriage, girls, the sky, and the celebs of heaven. She was famously married to Zeus and aided within the persecution of lots of his mistresses, proving she was a real queen to not be trifled with. Hera is a superb identify that signifies management, royalty, and power.

3. Tyche

Tyche is named “the goddess of probability” and “a capricious dispenser of excellent and in poor health fortune.” Whereas generally beneficiant, she was additionally mentioned to be unpredictable together with her goodwill, making her fairly the mighty goddess of Greek lore. Spelled Tyche or Tykhe, this distinctive identify is a good alternative which means “luck.” 2

4. Nike

Nike means “triumph,” as she is the goddess of victory, so this identify is a superb alternative for a child who will win in life. Whether or not you set your baby in child Nikes, that’s as much as you.

3 Greek Goddess Names That Signify Magnificence

All infants are stunning, however for those who’re in search of a reputation that actually means magnificence and comes from Greek mythology, we’ve some appropriate selections.

1. Helen

With the variations of Helene and Helena, Helen is a well-known Greek girl identify that originated with Helen of Troy — probably the most stunning girl in Greece who is commonly blamed for the Trojan Conflict. Helen (or a variation thereof) is a robust, basic identify with a way of timeless magnificence.

2. Aphrodite

This one carries a little bit of lustful connotation, however Aphrodite additionally signifies love and sweetness. Alternatively often known as Cypris, this Greek goddess was mentioned to be born out of sea foam, so for those who’re in search of a reputation associated to magnificence that additionally has a connection to the ocean, this could possibly be it.

3. Charis

Charis is one among a number of gods related to fertility and the identify means “grace” and refers back to the “pleasing” or “charming” look of a area or backyard. There have been a number of “graces” by probably the most usually referred to a few: brightness, joyfulness, and bloom, and have been mentioned to be the daughters of Zeus and Hera.3

4 Earthly Greek Goddess Names

Do you’re keen on animals or nature? Obsessed with defending this stunning planet? Then you definately may need to contemplate one among these distinctive Greek goddess names from “earthly” origins.

1. Persephone

Persephone is the goddess of demise and the Underworld, but additionally the goddess of spring, reincarnation, and development. After being captured by Hades and delivered to the Underworld, Persephone’s mom, Demeter, demanded her return, which occurs each spring when new meadows flower and new crops sprout. This identify signifies regrowth and the promise of springtime, and a mom’s love and dedication to all the time combat for her baby.

2. Gaia

This Greek goddess identify means the personification of Earth as Gaia was mentioned to be the ancestral Mom Earth herself. All life is alleged to have come from Gaia — and some say her great-granddaughters have been the 4 seasons.

3. Artemis

Typically depicted with a bow and arrow, Artemis is the goddess of looking, the wilderness, vegetation, and nature, making this identify a wonderful alternative for an animal and nature lover.

4. Demeter

The goddess of the harvest and agriculture, Demeter can also be an acceptable identify for those who’re in search of one thing earthly. The Greek delusion explains that whereas her daughter Persephone was together with her, Demeter would fill the Earth with a bountiful harvest, however when her daughter returned yearly to the Underworld, the lands would flip barren as soon as once more.4

3 Greek Goddess Names Associated to Water

Whether or not you’re elevating your baby by the water, need to instill a deep appreciation for all issues ocean, or desire a name inspired by nature, listed below are some names from Greek mythology linked to rivers, lakes, oceans, and all of the water our bodies in between.

1. Daphne

Daphne is related to freshwater our bodies like lakes, rivers, streams, brooks, fountains, wells, and comes. This goddess was a tree spirit and the son of Peneus, the river god, making this identify a terrific match for somebody who appreciates pure, recent waters.5

2. Iris

Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and was considered chargeable for replenishing the rain clouds with water from the ocean.

3. Thalassa

The goddess of the ocean, Thalassa is alleged to have created fish and all the opposite sea creatures. So, for those who’re an ocean lover, this identify is perhaps the proper alternative in your new child lady.

4 Greek Goddess Names That Imply Peace and Mild

In a world of negativity and division, perhaps you’re in search of a reputation that signifies peace and lightweight. Listed below are some pretty names from Greek mythology that relate to mild and concord.

1. Harmonia

Harmonia, the goddess of concord, had the facility to finish all conflicts, battles, and wars. Think about that energy in your family, particularly in case your little Concord has siblings!

2. Phoebe

Though later myths join Phoebe with the moon, her identify additionally signifies brightness, simply because the identify Phoebus does, which is Apollo’s forename. Some join Phoebe to “brightness” regarding mind and prophecy. So, whether or not your Phoebe makes the world higher together with her mild or intelligence (or each), this identify is certainly a winner.

3. Hemera

The daughter of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night time), Hemera is the personification of Day, making this a singular and becoming child identify for those who’re in search of inspiration from Greek mythology that equates to modern-day symbolic names like Father Time and Girl Luck.

4. Theia

The Greek goddess of sunshine, Theia is the daughter of Gaia and the mom of Selene (Moon), Helios (Solar), and Eos (Daybreak). Theia is a strong and significant alternative for those who’re trying to find one thing with a mythological origin meaning “mild.”

3 Celestial Greek Goddess Names

Individuals appear to love lunar and celestial names derived from Greek mythology. In the event you’re a kind of folks, listed below are three goddess names related to the moon or stars to think about.

1. Selene

Selene, the goddess of the moon, has all the time been worshipped at new and full moons. It was believed that Selene may pull the moon together with her chariot to mild up a darkish sky. This makes this identify haven’t solely lunar significance but additionally be a reputation synonymous with energy and power.

2. Aega

As a result of Aega got here from the pre-Hellenic interval, there are a number of theories on the market about what she was the goddess of and what powers she has. For instance, she could have been a moon goddess or daughter of the solar. One more principle says Zeus despatched Aega to the sky to stay among the many stars. It doesn’t matter what story you imagine, Aega is a singular identify with numerous connections to the objects within the sky.

3. Astraea

With different spellings like Astria and Astrea, Astraea is the goddess of the celebs who Hera gave powers over astronomical house. She was additionally the final of the gods to withdraw into the sky, the place she shines because the constellation of the virgin together with her scales and starry crown.6

Greek goddess names are all the time well-liked, so you may’t go mistaken with these selections. They’re basic whereas on development and signify traits you need your daughter to have, like power, magnificence, braveness, and a love for the planet. Take a look at 148 Badass Girl Names, rare girl names, and 150 Most Popular Spanish Names if you wish to see different sturdy and beautiful names for your little girl.

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